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fabulous pocket-sama
29 November 2012 @ 06:36 pm
I'm not even logging into LJ to see what my page over there looks like. It must be awful.

But this is a quick crosspost to let anyone still friended to me over there know that yep, I'm pretty much abandoning LJ forever. DW has been very kind and sweet and accommodating, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. I have assimilated quite well.

So if anyone else is going to give moving a shot, [personal profile] capsulecorp_tm is the same on both sites. I've already imported all my content, including fic. Otherwise, I only have a business facebook and an Etsy for business purposes, but I do use plurk. That is, naturally, also "Capsulecorp."

Peace out.
fabulous pocket-sama
02 June 2012 @ 06:49 pm
Welp, my last and final comm I was watching moved to DW, so I guess I'm pretty much going to forget I have an LJ and never update it ever anymore. I'll try to remember to check in once in a while, but everything nice is at DW now. So if you have a DW account for non-RP stuff and want to, add me there (the name is also capsulecorp_tm over there). I never post there either but that's because I have like no friends there.

Anyway. Speed-built Sanji's dragon hoodie from the artbook in 1 day. Sewed the hoodie in about 2-3 hours, painted the dragon on in less than 1. This is what I do when I'm not working on a competition piece like EVERYONE ELSE IN HERE.

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fabulous pocket-sama
11 April 2012 @ 12:56 pm
I think the two days of being without meds have caught up with me.

That, or I can no longer push aside how much my life is falling apart and pretend to be happy.

I am broke. I am a failure. I am worth nothing. I am one setback away from completely losing my mind in a literal sense, no hyperbole here.

oh and the MN repair shop totally scammed me. I don't have anti-lock brakes. I don't know what this charge for $133 ABS sensor repair is for.

My tax guy has taken over 2 weeks and hasn't called me to tell me my taxes are ready. Pretty sure I won't be able to pay them anyway. Or him. I'm too upset to call either of the repair shops that fucked me over and try to get some money back. Not that it's my money, it should rightfully go to my mom.

I'm going to lay on the couch and cry for a few hours. It won't help anything but it's the only thing I have the energy to do.
fabulous pocket-sama
04 April 2012 @ 07:56 pm
This is a story that deserves full telling.

how a quick weekend getaway to be a derp turned into a nightmare of epic proportionsCollapse )
The only plus side of this entire fucked up clusterfuck of epic fucking disasterness, if you can call it a plus, is that Junabi called the townhouse office and asked them to go ahead and start the process of reviewing our applications, and explained the situation. I would get my tax form to them when I got home, whenever that might be. Apparently, they didn't need it. 24 hours later we were approved. We will be moving into The Pines, a 3-bedroom townhouse in Fitchburg (south side of Madison), and taking on a third roommate. We sign the lease tomorrow. I'll know then what the moving schedule will be like. But I have two urgent deadlines to deal with first, those commissions need to be out of this house before we move. I'm hoping my taxes are also ready, but I don't want to know what I'm going to have to pay in for self-employment until tomorrow, when I'm clear-headed.

Right now all I'm going to do is take a long, hot bath, and then read lolcats until I'm caught up. And the new chapter of One Piece. Everything else, including RP, can wait.
fabulous pocket-sama
12 March 2012 @ 07:03 pm
So, here's the last six weeks in a nutshell:

- why don't I have more customers
- why aren't there more jobs
- why didn't that place call me back. Again.
- the cat's too thin let's take her to the vet. Oh, she has hyperthyroidism.
- the cat got a respiratory infection from the vet. Spoonfeeding baby food for a week.
- yay customers hurry up and get the fuck back to me
- yay commissions
- wtf UPS you suck
- still not done with commissions. Yet again bankrolled by mom. I feel like a failure in life.
- fuck shit fuck snow fuck ran into a curb
- $1200 in car repairs
- what do you mean the cat now has heart failure from the hyperthyroidism?

Today has been a shit day, it's been a shit week and a shit month. I try to be happy with the little things but it's so damn hard.

Also I really am not impressed with Arda wigs. We'll see if that changes after dyeing finishes and styling can begin.

Zoro may or may not be ready for Detour. I could wear Ace incomplete (just missing log pose and knife, I can finish the boot covers and belt in time). I looked at the programming schedule and I'm pretty sure this con is going to suck and I'm going to hate being there, but I need to advertise and do market research. I really do. And shop for commissions at SR Harris. That's kind of necessary right now, so we can't back out on the trip.
fabulous pocket-sama
10 January 2012 @ 12:01 pm
Other people's updates made me go "pshaw I don't need to I just updated mine in.....oh. Halloween. Yeah okay I can update." Not that there's much to say for finishing/working on things but there has been a lot of thinking.

I will not subject you guys to the huge list thoughCollapse )

So this year for sure I'm going to finish ALL THE ONE PIECE, and probably Gan Ning. By the end of the year we have to have our plans for CC31 set and start on that, whatever it ends up being. There you go. Whichever gets finished in time for Detour, Ace or Zoro, is going to get debuted there, though we're also talking about wearing Yugi and Kaiba, Shuuhei and Rangiku, Sanzo and Homura, oh and I'm also making Water Seven version Nico Robin for Junabi so she can pair with me. As much as we know Detour is probably going to be lame, it'll be nice to have people fawning over our coordinated costumes again.

Meanwhile I'm in a holding pattern while people finish negotiating commissions and send me their measurements and deposits, so until then...I have nothing to work on. It's frustrating. I hate it. I feel useless. But it's 50 degrees today so I'm going to try to get out of the house for an hour or so.
fabulous pocket-sama
02 January 2012 @ 06:18 pm
So, fortunately, when I asked for money for Christmas I got money. My bills are grateful. Yet I also got a few gift cards despite the fact that my birthday is in a month and I told my family to wait until then for those kinds of gifts. Among them was a gift card to B&N, which I fully intended to use for coffee and a calendar.

Welp I got the coffee but they had shit for calendars. What did they have in the manga section instead?

...the One Piece Color Walk 2 book. That's right an actual One Piece artbook.

I cannot express how much simple joy this little book brings me. And even after coffee I had enough left on the card to get it. Sure, I could have waited 3 weeks in the hopes they still had a copy when my mom comes to take me birthday shopping, but...really, what else was I going to get? More coffee? (answer: yep)

I had only ever seen some of these color walks in b&w scans from old old old scanlations. I now have a large color image of the dragon hoodie that Sanji is wearing in one...this means I will be sewing myself a dragon hoodie soon. Yep. Funny how little it takes to make my day.

First workday of the new year: paperwork and Etsy upkeep. I tossed some patches up there to see if they garner interest, not sure how to properly list our custom embroidery work yet. Still cogitating on that one.
fabulous pocket-sama
01 January 2012 @ 06:00 pm
Nabbed from hideously

2011 year in review is not prettyCollapse )

HI I'M A PESSIMIST could you tell?
fabulous pocket-sama
14 December 2011 @ 04:40 pm

AND THE DRAWRING!!! I has an elle original~


...that is all.
fabulous pocket-sama
09 December 2011 @ 11:41 am
I don't know what my family is thinking. I told them I didn't want gifts this year, I just want money to pay my bills. They're apparently ganging up to buy me shit anyway. Wonderful.

Speaking of which, I'm going to suck up my pride and beg. If anyone wants to get me a virtual gift for the holidays (or in advance of my birthday, since I hate the hols anyway), I've got some RP accounts expiring this week who could use renewing. And Sanji needs more icon space. I spent last night cropping expressions for new icons and can only replace maybe 5 or 6 - the other 50 are unique expressions I didn't have before. Goddammit.

Poor Geddoe is going to expire in just a couple days and I have no extra scraps left in paypal to renew him anymore. *SOB* taken care of I have wonderful friends who I love so much even if we don't chat much anymore. ;_;

I so want my dream business to succeed but god DAMN is it hard weathering the shitty first year or two.

On that note, Junabi and I decided to go to Anime Detour next spring even though we couldn't get an artist table. I have to suck it up (again) and admit that I can't be lazy and try to survey other people through the internet, I have to physically go to these cons if I want to do market research on what people are buying and what sells. I still aim to be a vendor at Geek-kon and I'm toying with WausabiCon (I can stay with my rents) but I don't know where else to try to vend until I have a booth's worth of sellable merchandise. Also need to take some better photos in order to unload stuff on Etsy. God. So much to do, no money with which to do it.

I'm working at Ravenworks today so I have a little time to kill. I think I may post with Sanji. He's getting canon-updated later this month but...eh.
fabulous pocket-sama
09 November 2011 @ 02:12 pm
Well. Ask and ye shall receive.

My sister is paying me to make dog toys and items for the puppies she's fostering, and I just got a rush order for a Kaiba coat. If I can meet this guy's need (and get paid right away), I could get another glowing recommendation - and the expensiveness that is a rush job.

Whoever's thinking good thoughts for me out there, thanks and keep it up. The more small jobs that roll in stacked on top of one another, the better. Big ticket jobs are nice but they take so much time and I rarely get paid in a timely manner.

Also yes, it's fucking snowing and goddamn. GOD. DAMN. I was not prepared. :/

Welp, if I'm going to be working all weekend, now, I think I'll take the rest of the day for myself. I'm ahead of schedule on my other commission and just need to show photos, so I'll go snap some and have fun. OH THAT REMINDS ME! Something that gave me a lol and I have to share...

photographic proof that steampunk is so overCollapse )
fabulous pocket-sama
08 November 2011 @ 11:17 pm
Anyone enjoy Magic the Gathering?


I don't know crap about the game but I just spent ten minutes dying laughing.
fabulous pocket-sama
07 November 2011 @ 04:31 pm
I have the biggest fucking splitting headache. It's so fierce in the back of my temple that I had to knock off sewing, I couldn't sit up any longer. I was getting to the point where I was making stupid little mistakes - that's when you have to put it down and leave it alone, before you do something you have to take hours to repair or re-cut. Sigh.

And so, here I curl up, hoping the ibuprofin kicks in soon. It's been half an hour and nothing yet. :/

I'm giving Etsy a shot to try and sell off the stuff I have stocked up/lying around. It's not going any better than ebay or the cosplay.com marketplace. It's making me completely rethink vending at cons. I don't want to invest in all these costume pieces I can't sell, not just at the con but for months afterward. That's not how the business grows. I have gotten some more excellent reviews on cosplay.com, so here's hoping. That's all I can do, is hope.

I've got a couple small projects on the docket with no deadline. I may have to plan a trip to SR Harris to get fabric, though. I can't see finding a black thick-weave nylon for the Equilibrium coat down here anywhere - nothing even remotely like it. But I need customer deposits before I buy anyway.

God, this all sucks. I know I'm heading into the slow/off-season for a lot of cosplayers so I don't know how I'm going to pay my bills. I've got all these patches and trinkets just sitting here and nobody's even looking at/tracking the listings for them online, let alone buying them. And not a single business I've put my applications in at has called me back. Even those hiring seasonally. Not. A. One.

Basically I'm fucked. Completely, wholly, fucked. I don't know why I bother getting up in the morning.
fabulous pocket-sama
31 October 2011 @ 12:43 pm
I haven't updated this in a while. Now that I'm officially on my competition hiatus, I can revisit my other stuff.

completely revamping the docket yet againCollapse )

Why yes I am writing this on Halloween. I worked yesterday so today is my day off instead. Tomorrow I start in on my next commission. Am I doing anything Halloween-related? Nope! I stand by my claim that I treat the day the same as the vampires on Buffy: they call it a day for the amateurs and stay in, watch a movie or something. For my part I'll probably watch Ghost Hunters (for the lulz) and RP all day.
fabulous pocket-sama
07 October 2011 @ 07:25 pm

I am so taking this weekend OFF. No work-work, no mockups, no nothing, just sitting on my ass for two days.

And possibly finishing my Zoro swords because the weather's going to be so fucking goddamn perfect for spraypainting. Oh my GOD is the weather amazing, I will miss this so terribly much in about three weeks.

Oh wait, no, I do have one thing I need to do for myself this weekend. I have to make a white tie. I plan to wear Sanji's outfits to the two weddings I have coming up, and I already have a blue shirt to do the Thriller Bark outfit - it just needs a white tie. We have shitloads of white fabric (Junabi said she has silk satin left!) and I have a pattern. Let's see how this goes.

I'll worry about contacting customers and starting in on the next project on the docket next week. Not till Monday. I may not even do my research until Monday. I need a couple days to just sit and not be doing anything.

fabulous pocket-sama
03 October 2011 @ 09:03 pm
King took "Best Anime" and a Workmanship Honorable Mention for Best Fit and Finishing. Considering so much of building him was in fact fitting and finishing every last detail, I feel good about it. I can now appreciate him again and he can go to the halls.

I bought a sword. Not just any sword, though. The most perfect replica of Zoro's Yubashiri that I have ever seen! Thank god I could pay with a credit card because I went ahead and got it banking on bringing in big commission bucks this month. Seriously, though. I usually mock the unlicensed attempts at replica One Piece swords because to date they've all been horribly inaccurate. Wrong pommels, wrong handle details, the wrong tsuba on the wrong swords, wrong saya, mismatching saya to blade, etc. Wadou Ichimonji with colors other than white and gray. Sandai Kitetsu with black instead of red. Shuusui with sakura flowers instead of red circles. You name it, I've seen wretchedly bad replicas. Not this one. Granted, I had to go swapsies with John on a second katana (which was actually one of aforementioned fail Sandai Kitetsu replicas) in order to make it perfectly perfect - the sword I bought had a plain black saya, while the fail Kitesu had a 90%-perfect Yubashiri saya. We both bought a sword and just swapped saya, and voila!

The only points of inaccuracy on this sword is that it has black cording tightly wrapped around the handle instead of the solid black lacquer handle Yubashiri is supposed to have, and it's missing a couple of tiny gold details on the saya. But the tsuba is correct and everything else is just right. And it was only $35. I'm totally tickled and now I have a beloved Zoro sword replica that I can admire in my house. It's not con-safe of course, and I'm still going to finish my wooden replica because mine will be 100% accurate, but I've always wanted just one happy perfect replica katana from just one of my favorite characters. This will do nicely.

Meanwhile, not feeling very well (I was sick all day Saturday, made for fun with competition let me tell you) and under a tough time crunch to finish a commission by Friday. This week is going to be stressful.

Raven needs to stop buying stretch fabric to give me to make medieval clothing. I swear I'm going to throw it back at her one of these days. Also good job underestimating the yardage by a whole yard there. Can't make dropped sleeves.

Man, I have no idea how the fuck I nailed the mockup for my Master-level customer's pants on the first try. Now he and his wife don't believe me when I swear I suck at pants. Just have to wait for him to send me the fabric and he'll have glorious steampunk pants for TeslaCon.

Debating crossposting my fic to a ZoSan community. I don't know what the etiquette is with fandom comms, do you just jump in and post your shit or do you introduce yourself? What?

And yeah, hey, if anyone hasn't heard by now, my computer's motherboard gave out so I'm sans computer till god knows when. Two people have offered to help me fix it or at least get my files off my hard drive so I can paste them into a new box, neither of them have followed through in over a week. I can still be active because Junabi is currently so obsessed with her sims (and on hiatus) that she doesn't care about me sitting here all night using her laptop while she plays Sims. But if I disappear from AIM for long periods or tend to tag mostly in the morning instead of the evening, that would be why. Can't fucking update my website at all until this computer problem is fixed, and that kind of pisses me off. Also can't work on fic. I hope I don't lose my links, I didn't back them up anytime recently.

I'm sure I have more to report but that's enough for now.
fabulous pocket-sama
28 September 2011 @ 11:52 am
Dear god...woke up from a nightmare about Archon masquerade. WHY AM I HAVING MASQ NIGHTMARES goddammit. I dreamt everyone was dragging their own props and backdrops around the stage while I was trying to set up mine, and then I realized I forgot my wig so I had to back out of the masquerade completely.

Needless to say I will be triple-checking that I have my wigs in the car on Friday.

Welp, half the post-con purchases and commissions I expected didn't come through, so I'm short on money again this month. God. I hate asking my mom for money, but I had to do it anyway. At least what I made from Raven this week will pay for my Archon day pass...there's a lot of reasons I can't back out on going, not the least of which is doing a fitting with a customer. An actual master-level veteran amazing awesome person who's just too lazy post-Archon to make his own pants so he's hiring me. I'm so daunted. But I'm doing it. The mockup is finished, we're doing a fitting while I'm down there so I can get them done for Teslacon. The Archon trip is now a business trip.

Also have a lot of stuff on eBay. Will be putting up more next week. Patches and stuff are still on the site. Nobody's buying. Makes me feel pretty shitty let me tell you.

And Geddoe's account expires in a week. No cash to renew him. Balls.

I'm starting to worry I'm going to have to sell my guitar and all my Star Wars props. ;_;

I made a pie last week. I forgot to put the flour in the filling so it came out pie soup at first, but then it set overnight and it was tasty. Thanks for the apples and peaches, rebecca!

Today's job: using the dressform to stretch a shirt and pin/sew appliques to it.
fabulous pocket-sama
19 September 2011 @ 11:47 pm
I feel kinda like this right now.

Somehow all my brain has like...gone. Herble derp.
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fabulous pocket-sama
12 September 2011 @ 08:47 pm
So, things went pretty well, I think. And, be shocked and amazed: I actually had fun.

The table didn't rake in the dough hand over fist, necessarily, but I made back my table fee, and my expenses for craft items, plus made enough to actually buy a couple of keychains. I have the sexiest Portgas D. Ace standing next to the keyboard now. Plus, MACS made quite a bit not only for the charity but for our own fundraiser, and the patches made back our expenses on thread.

What I really like is that I actually gave out ALL of my business cards, save the ten or so in my card holder, and had people sign up to be emailed about commissions and/or paypal me money for stuff they didn't have the cash for at the con. I know I probably have a 90% guarantee on at least two or three commissions, some of which might come in rather quickly.

The masquerade ran flawlessly, be shocked and amazed. I wish I could have given out more awards, I really do. Sarah, remind me that I should write up a quick primer for new judges - not that we had any judging issues, but it occurred to me that it would be polite and probably helpful to any first-time judges we have in the future if they had a little blurb about what to look for in the various skill levels.

I met the most hilariously awesome guys, too. A pair of guys (I wonder if they're brothers, they look a lot alike) from Minneapolis who just started cosplaying a month or so ago at Anime Iowa and who loooooooooooove One Piece. One of them is going to commission me for a Legend of Galactic Heroes costume. They were so much fun and I hope to wow them with Zoro or Ace at Detour next spring.

SO! FRIENDS LIST AND SUCH! Does anybody want first crack at some patches and items?

I updated my website tonight with the first "menu" of on-hand in-stock items in order to clear out some stock from the table that didn't move. Some of it is costume items, but some of it is PATCHES! We have Bleach, Tiger & Bunny, Straw Hat Pirates, and Homestuck patches left over, and I know some of you guys are fans or play in RPs with casts/fans who might go OOO YES PLEASE.

I don't know if it's kosher to post an ad in goshdarnspam for the C&Cers. But those of you on my list and who have friends from the game on my list, pass the links around and if anyone wants one, PM me or use the SLC email to get one.

Costume items: http://www.strangelandcostumes.com/costumeitems.html
Patches and embroidery: http://www.strangelandcostumes.com/embroidery.html

Yes I know my tables suck. I suck at html.

Also, someone please for the love of god help me. I got a Facebook for SLC. -_- I have to. I had so many people asking about it over the weekend that it just became time to get one. It's not for me, though, so no friends need feel obligated to Like or Friend it or whatever the hell the term is. But it's out there and I don't how how to update it or use it. I am a complete fool so if anyone has any tips, I'd love to hear it.
fabulous pocket-sama
25 August 2011 @ 05:51 pm
ow ow ow ow ow pain ow ow

I know I shouldn't overdo it so my arm/shoulder can heal but I have SO MUCH WORK TO DO.

Almost done with the basic prep for Geek-kon. Just a couple items in the half-finished stage, should be done with them by the weekend. But I still don't have a full costume to stick on the dress dummy and sell. I am a complete failure and a deadbeat and no longer have a viable credit card to purchase fabric online.

The Selene costume is coming along amazingly, though. I can't wait to slap pics of the embroidered pleather corset up on my website and make people drool.

I will be good and sit, now, and not strain my shoulder any more. The arm seems to be getting better but the pain is now in my upper back and neck, mostly.

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